Saturday, October 05, 2013

I am officially living with the coolest person in the world.

(end of the homage to Aaron, before he starts believing he is a celebrity).

I am more or less settled in the house, there are still some little bits to sort out (like the hooks in the bathroom and getting our new hoover started, that fancy stuff) but everything else is all good.
Us flatmates are getting on really well, even though with the Madoc, Chris and Colin working the house is a bit split.
My room is nice and (almost) tidy...or it will be soon:)
I am in the attic and it is nice and cosy, I am missing only some fairy ligths.
My little room:)

Being back is so so good, so much fun and I am enjoying every second of it.

First of all, I started off with this huge amazing dinner at Nando's, almost as soon as I stepped down out of the plane.

what can I say? I love roast chicken with Nando's spices and all the good! and it's even better when you can share it with someone special.

Oh and I got a bike. And it's pink! I would have never thought I would a) get a bike over here ( I find it very scary to cycle on the opposite side of the road) b)get a pink bike. But it's gorgeous and I love it!!!
Isn't it pretty?

Every morning Claudia and I cycle to uni. I still find it a bit scary as  I sometimes take the wrong's so confusing at times!! But it's good fun and it really gives me a kick of energy before a long day of lectures.
I still need to get good with the dozillions locks I need to put on my kid to avoid it getting nicked and my lights but I am confident I will master it by June.

What I probably like the most about my new house is the amount of cooking/baking/eating together that we do. Claudia and I always have breakfast together and have amazing Pret salads for lunch (which Chris brings back from work) and we cook dinner together (and we eat with Aaron or Colin or Madoc, or whoever is in)...and that is so good. I really love sharing food with the people I am living with,as in my family we usually eat all together.
Last Sunday Claudia made some amazing pancakes...they were so so good, ideal after an early, lonely 13 miler around town.
Chef at work :)
The boys loved pancakes!
Apple, honey and cinnamon...yum!
I baked zucchini (courgette) bread yesterday and it came out was probably my best attempt at it. It was moist and sweet to the right point. Any extra bonus? It is butter free! (healthy nuts celebrate with me :D)
Sorry for my ghostly face: fresher's flu got me this year too 
Tomorrow we are going to have Sunday lunch all together...I am really excited for it! I am really enjoying building this little flat traditions, it feels like a little (dys)functional family.

What do you like to do with your flatmates? Have you got any flat traditions?

Well, we are off to the movies now, time to say bye!!

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