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Hello everyone! My name is Sara.

I am studying Medicine at Newcastle University in England where I will graduate in a few years time. I am truly enjoying my time in medical school, as I like both the learning and the people I am working with.

Originally Italian, I have lived the first 18 years of my life in the North West part of my country, first in Milan, then in a small town called Varese, near the Swiss border, before moving to England just at the start of university.

I chose to study abroad because I fell in love with England even before seeing it. I had a powerful gut feeling that I wanted to attend and English university, that I could fit in that rainy, proud, stubborn, resilient island. My parents were always very supportive of my choice and when I chose medicine as a degree we embarked in the application process with a naively optimistic approach which resulted in getting a place in Newcastle.

What else? Here's some random facts about me:
-I have a younger sister

- I love running, it is a huge part of my life and my identity. 
-I have been running since I was 12 and have recently completed my first marathon.
-my best training buddy so far is my mum.
-i hate core training and often skip it, together with stretching.

-i love reading and am a massive daydreamer. 
-i am curious and love research because it allows me to explore the world a bit more in depth
-one of my dreams is to write a novel someday.
-i love the mountains in the summer and the seaside during the winter.

-i'd love cold weather
-i love baking and cooking: living alone has allowed me to try new dishes and to do more:)
-i love music and i believe it makes our life so much better.

Why the blog is called "greenteaandrunningshoes": because these are the 2 things that mostly help me relax and count my many blessings. If I can go out for a run and come home to a warm shower and a cup of tea, especially if green, then I am content.

Connect with me! I love social media because they allow me to connect with distant friends and even complete strangers all across the globe:
Instagram: @saea_t
Twitter: @Sara_Runner
Facebook: Green Tea and Running Shoes

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