Sunday, October 27, 2013

Afternoon Tea

To all the lovely ladies out there: what is the first idea that springs to your mind when you find out that all the men of your life (boyfriend and flatmates in the present case) are removing their person from town for a whole day? Yes, that's right....afternoon tea with a bunch of friends!!

Both Claudia and I are massive tea lovers (and she is an hardcore drinker) and everyone loves some cake and tea on a chilly autumn afternoon, when the leaves outside start changing colour.
So, we set off for the task, inviting around some of our coursemates and giving the house a fresh clean.

Between Friday night and Saturday morning we baked coffee cake, lemon cupcakes, lemon and poppyseed scones and traditional scones (Great British Bake Off? we are actually better, ha!).
Coffee cake in the making.

Lemon poppyseed scones:)


 Baking, while drinking tea and watching a good romcom (The Proposal) while the goodies were in the oven was soo much fun.

And here are the finished results:
Mini lemon cupcakes (before the icing)
Coffee cake (with icing and decoration)

The setup:)
We also made cucumber sandwiches-of course, what were you thinking? afternoon tea is a very serious business!- and sliced up some Pret sandwiches Chris brought home.

Our friends reakky enjoyed it and honoured the cakes and sandwiches: Claudia was amazing making teas for everyone.

Our friend Harry turned up a bit late as he went to see his friends in Durham, still he managed to get some cake in his belly and entertain the last people at the party with some excellent DMC (Deep Meaningful Conversation) and an extremely entertaining match of the Cereal Box Game. He is a pro, as demonstrated by the picture, so there was no much hope for us girls, but it was very good fun :)

It was a pleasant afternoon, full of laughters, good food and good company, which makes me very happy and satisfied (plus if you give me cake I will always be happy:))

Oh and I got this amazing present from my dear friend Suzie
It's sa friendsip cake, you can make the starter and then split it and share it with your friends, who in turn can "grow" their own starter and then pass it round forming a huge chain...can't wait to do it!!!!:D

all the recipes can be found here :)

Lots of love x

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