Wednesday, October 30, 2013

i love autumn!

Yep, I truly love autumn (if tomorrow you spot me coming for the 9 o'clock soaked to the bone as it's bucketing down, you may get a drastically different answer but very few people actually enjoy cycling to uni in the cold october rain, rigth?).
So maybe we can say that I love those crispy clear and slightly windy autumn days, they open my heart and lift my spirits.
you get my point right? get up in a chilly room, open the blind and..this sky. It makes my day a good day and gives me a kick of energy too, making me productive and enthusiast.
so today I  officially (drums)...finished my scientific POSTER!! (yayyy!!) This was part of my summer internship in a lab working on ovarian cancers. designing this poster has been an ongoing, almpost daily task for the past 6 weeks: there is always something you can change, improve, tweak around, be it an error bar on a histogram, the hue of violet of the background or the size of the images. all on your laptop or computer screen when you are actually designing a 50x80 cm poster.
After a meeting with my supervisor I handed my USB drive to the University Printing Service and tomorrow I should be able to pick up the finished results (fingers crossed everybody!!)

I then headed to town as I needed a passport photograph for the Leadership in Running Fitness course I am doing with my running club: I am looking forward to it, as I always looked at coaching with interest. I am not a very good runner but maybe i could be a decent coach. I am fascinated by how you can empower people, especially the youngest, and help them shine their own light through sport, especially through running.
my passport picture was hideous (i am probably the least photogenic person on this planet, but you will have to believe me as no proof of this afternoon efforts will not be provided), but I was so exhilarated that I celebrated with a pumpkin spiced latte (they are bad for you, but...oh well).
The queue was ridiculously long!!
Walking back to lectures I felt incredibly content and serene and snapped so many pictures of the autumn trees around campus...people must have thought i was a bit bizarre!!

here i deviated from the main path just to take this picture...Instagram addict anyone?

I feel that these last glorious October days before the gloom of November are the grand finale of nature's amazing show of spring and summer, before she takes off to tour in the other hemisphere. Air itself seems to be vibrating more intensely and colours are vivid, a last explosion of life before the grey days of mid autumn and winter (at least until the first snowfall and Christmas holidays).
"Don't be sad"-the trees and wind say-" flowers, green leaves and sunshine will be back before you know it."

Needless to say that 1h15 of clinical skills calmed down my poetry a bit but didn't dim my enthusiasm,not even a raspberry spot on my favourite new jumper could make me sad. once at home i fuelled my training run with the club with a PB+blueberry bagel and some tea and got my winter leggings out. this didn't make me so happy...I love my mizuno leggings, they are amazing and were a super good bargain, but not as much to wear them before November!! (turned out they were a bit too warm, light leggings would have done still).
3 of my favourites all together...triple win!

Session was 3x 1 mile reps, all in negative splits, sandwiched between 2 miles warm up/cool down. i felt strong and what's even better my Achilles didn't hurt (hooray to foam roller!!).
I was in such good spirits I made cereal bars and granola when I came home...recipe will follow soon!

For now i will wish you all a good night and very sweet dreams xx

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