Sunday, November 17, 2013

A weekend at home:)

After realising that writing a single post would have been to long for a sensible blog, I decided I would break it into 2 shorter entries. So here we start with the day leading up to the race.

Just before leaving, i got an amazing gift through the post. my friend Frankie, who is doing a master at Oxford,  used to run for the same running club as me and sent me her jacket, as a prerace treat. I found this very thoughtful and kind of her!

I left from Newcastle on Thursday to fly home from Edinburgh.
Waiting for a train

i love Edinburgh
From the moment i stepped in the house on Thursday night my mum  started force-feeding me huge amounts of pasta and other carbs to keep me going during the race.

Seeing my little sister after six months was amazing: she has grown even taller than before and looks so mature now, i am so proud of her.
my sister is a hipster...
...but a true Aussie girl too :)

saturday was a total chill out day: we got up late, had French croissant and bread fro breakfast and then headed off to the beach as my sister wanted to swim (she had been before breakfast, already but that wasn't enough).

 in the afternoon we headed off to the expo:

It was really good fun and I started getting into the vibe of the race while getting jittery at the same time.
Once home I got my bag ready, pinned my bib to my vest (a delicate operation for me) and painted my nails.
Yes,t he Garmin was fully charged, I checked thrice!
As we had to get up at 5,30, we all went to bed early.

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