Sunday, December 01, 2013

some more about the marathon...

"...oh no!"- I can hear you - "we are sick of it!"
And you may as well be, after me blabbing about 26.2 miles and training and nutrition and running injuries and soreness.

But, as it happens, my truly talented sister just uploaded the pictures she took during the weekend and I wanted to share them with you all, because they are stunning. She has such a good eye!
But first...a shot of the photographer in action!
Dinner out in Nice:)
With my very special coach: my mum!
 I know the high vis band of my jacket is very...high vis.

 Nice in the sunlight, the day after:)


 The mascotte and I strike the same pose: let's rock this!

Wall of fame

We are a bit insane...
Sunrise on race day!

 Just a touch of wind...seafront of Cannes.

There were people dancing and playing music all along the course, it is such good support!
Finish line faces!!
I love her and miss her so much.
In the evening we went to the cape to take pictures of the sunset:

Centenary HS rower.
Post marathon smiles:)
 And some more sunset:

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!


  1. Whew, it did look rather windy on race day. I love all of your photos. You have some beautiful memories.

    1. It felt literally like a wall:) some people were stopped by the gust!