Sunday, June 01, 2014

a day in running gear:)

Oh hello!
Summer has finally kicked in Newcastle (at least for the weekend) which makes me very happy!
I spent the whole day outside and am so chirpy as a result!

I started off my day by volunteering at parkrun this morning with Michael, a friend from my running club. It was a glorious day for a run and over 500 people turned up on the Moor.  

Everyone was very friendly and thanked us marshals as we cheered them on- I love this aspect of parkrun! Many of my friends-Harry, Christina, Katie, Claire, Edwin, Laura, Colin- were running and waved as they ran past.
After completing our marshalling duties, Michael, Katie (whom we had persuaded to join us) and I headed to the track to do the Sat morning track session with our running club. 
The sun was shining bright and I wished I was wearing a vest, as we ran around the red ring of the track. 
The session was 1000m-800m-600m-400m-200m with 400m recovery in between. Quite gruesome but good!
On our way back we decided it was too a nice day to go back home and to have a picnic in the park instead. 
I quickly cooked some salmon and rosti while Katie and Michael went to get some ice cream and prepared a killer salad with slow roasted tomatoes and mixed leaves.

Shortly after we were joined by Laura and Edwin. 

We dug into the ice cream as only runners after a tough session can do..under Edwin's slightly horrified eyes:)

Then as we are conscious about our 5-a-day we devoured a whole punnet of cherries: they tasted like summer and I finally started to feel on holidays for real.

I left the park when the sun was started to hide behind the trees. I packed up some of my stuff ( I am leaving Newcastle in a week, waaa!) and realised my face was burning! How I love summer!!

I finished my day with this wonderful dinner....which tasted just like summer!
Chicken breasr, salad, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado and slow roasted cherry tomatoes, yum!

It has been a great day and a proper kick off to summer....spent all in my running kit:)

How was your Saturday?

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