Sunday, October 05, 2014

israeli blues.

Morning everyone! How are you?
Has any of you been on a big great trip and suffered from horrendous melancholy for weeks and weeks?

I have. I am still experiencing terrible blues: I miss Israel so much! If you've been around me at all, this isn't much of a surprise. 
When people ask me how Israel was, I can feel my face light up as I answer "Awesome".( I'm not sure it does for real, maybe it doesn't but I feel it happening).

I do things which remind me of those two crazy amazing months: I chop my salad really small, I eat tahini, I (try, especially in the last week, to) get up every morning with a big smile, I keep a diary, I read, I keep up to date with the news, I listen to Israeli music, I take interest in the people around me.

However, there are so many things I stopped doing: I don't use Hebrew sentences any more, I don't fight with moovit to get a bus, I wear socks and actually match my outfits, I go to bed early, I crave cake, I don't scream "WHAT?!" when I'm surprised because it's considered a bit rude. I always carry an umbrella and not sunscreen in my bag.

All in all, I really really miss it: I miss the simplicity of life in the kibbutz and the hazed beauty of Israeli sunsets. I miss the directness of people and their utter crude sincerity, which was almost too direct at times. 

I miss them all!

It will get better as time goes by. Hospital placement really helps because I'm constantly busy doing something I love. Also, to treat the blues, I have decided to write some of my weekend adventures around Israel! 

Coming soon...the #summertravels series !

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