Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello everybody!

Hello everybody!!

Here I am, trying to getting started with my own blog. I must admit that I was a bit sceptical about it, but in the end I decided to give myself a go in sharing my thoughts with every of you.

There is no specific reason why I was finally moved to start a blog apart from suddenly realising that I am becoming an adult, taking my first independent decisions and cutting away some part of an old me that was still linked to the dark desolation of first adolescence. It makes me kind of euphoric and willing to try new experiences.

I guess that more or less all of you will be a bit confused by the title I've chosen, Green Tea and Running Shoes. This is because they are the two things I really need to relax and write any thought down: give me a pair of sport shoes and an hour of spare time to go running you are! A new person and some good thoughts at the same time.
Green tea is my fav drink after a training, especially in freezing winter days, when you cannot feel anymore any part of your body.

Well, I've written too much...just hope you will enjoy it!


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