Thursday, October 14, 2010


A couple of days ago I was in the bus and a woman sat next to me. She seemed to be from India or Sri Lanka and, as always happens with people from that part of the world, I was absolutely unable to determine her age. She looked as if she was young, perhaps in her thirties or even less. Then I glanced at her hands: they looked as they were much older than her face, they had small cuts all over the place, due to hard work and cold, and cracked.

So, are hands what really reveals a person's age? Or maybe even his/her personality?
I like to think so. I mean, hands are the most used part of our body. Try to think of anything you do without them in your everyday actions, you will come up with a very few activities. It is quite logical, then, that they carry the burden of our identity ( or a part of it).
Foreign people always tell Italians off for using their hands too much while they are speaking; they probably don't realise we are just trying to drive the listener attention to a signal of our personality.

Girls, a little piece of advice ( for boys as well): before you decide whether you like a boy (or a girl) or not, just give a look to his/her hands:)


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