Friday, November 05, 2010


The mirror. The enemy and nightmare of thousands and thousands of young people. How many of you, watching their reflection wanted to hide themselves for ages or simply disappear? And how many times it told you that you looked too fat, too sleepy, not trendy enough to become accepted by the mainstream group at school...too childish?

What is happening to me in these latest weeks is to see a different person, staring back at me. I am not really sure I like her (sometimes she looks terribly disappointing) but at least I admit she is different from the old one. Change in my opinion is always kind of positive, because it gives you the chance of improving former imperfections. It's amazing how I cannot recognise myself....also my face looks different to me, I don't know why ( I did not have any plastic surgery in the meanwhile, I can assure you). 

Somehow I look more mature to me and I have a feeling that my face has changed a little. Or maybe it is just me having a different look on myself.

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