Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Love you, Mum!

This post is dedicated to my Mum (not particularly original in these days) because I am so proud of her.

On Sunday she completed Prague Marathon in 4hrs03 mins, improving her performance of 24 mins overall. She trained for this adventure throughout all the winter, no matter how cold, rainy, gloomy, icy, snowy it was, no matter how tired, distressed, worried, angry, worn out she was. And, at the same time, she has been there for me whenever I needed her, supporting me before my interviews and tests, scolding me off when I was breaking the limits, hugging me while I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

In the last few weeks of training she was affected by some injuries, as she badly twisted her knee during a 28km and had a contraction within her lumbar muscle, which had little effect on the nerves in the area. She made a quick recovery from both, without feeling discouraged and ran so well!! As you may understand, now she is really enthusiastic about marathon, ready to run tons and tons of miles to prepare for the next one...believe me, I am frozen with terror, I will never be able to cope with her!

She is a great inspiration to me, showing me everyday how it is possible to run, work and be smiling and kind to all even when you are dead tired. We are planning to finish together a full marathon next year to celebrate my 20th birthday and the passage of decade. I can't simply wait for it!!! I had run with her the long training distances, and almost all Sundays, but never ever completed a race with her. I am faster than her on 10 kms and in the half marathon too ( I am not boasting about my running skills, promise) and, as a matter of fact, my loving mum doesn't want me around, ruining my performance.
But next year, it will be our year!

I love you, Mum!

Here's a video from the start of the marathon:

Also my Dad ran on Sunday, performing a wonderful 3hrs06mind but somehow I was expecting him to do do: his dedication and self-motivation are so great you can't possibly doubt about his performances! Love you daddy:)

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