Tuesday, June 18, 2013

End of First Year.

Yes, I know that the academic year finished a while ago and I am a procrastinator, but the past 3 weeks have been literally a  hectic, crazy frenzy of people leaving, end-of-the-year celebrations, meet ups and daily excursions to celebrate the newly found freedom form exams.
Allen Banks

Summer event at "As You Like It"

Chilling in the sun!

Summer event!
Shake it with a part time job and a pathetic attempt to get back to running fitness and the mix will be explosive.

So now I am sitting in my room, eating ice cream straight from the tub -yes, I know it is bad for me, but I don't care, I needed motivation to write some emails and to finish this post in a decent amount of time ( i.e. evrything must be finished before the ice cream is completely melted)-and dedicating some thought to the past 9 months. As I am becoming a geeky medic the first association I get is the P word (for those who still maintain some mental sanity is "pregnancy", but I am still suffering the side effect of the Family Study, our biggest  and most important assignment of the year).but truth is that they have been the most amazing and hectic time of my life. And I have a lot to be thankful for this wonderful year and the achievements it brought.
First in line are my family, all of them, for the support and the love who pushed me through the difficulties of my first year of Medicine. One of the biggest encouragement of this year was a text from my sister just before the exam in November, which said I was definitely good enough to pass the exam, as I was tough.
Thanks to my Mum, for the time spent on Skype with so much patience, to Dad who brings me back to reality when I am losing focus
My sister and I, I love her, miss her, am so proud of her every single day!

My family.
Thanks to Sparrow, for being there always, when I get stuck on assignment, go crazy, miss home, cry my heart out or want to go for a walk on the Quayside. I am really lucky to be with you.
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Summer ball.

Before the Half Marathon

In Venice

Concert at the Sage
Thanks to Claudia, for helping me through the year with her omnipresent smile, for being an amazing friend and yes, I started to believe that "We'll be fine."
Summer event.

Concert at the Sage.

Happy Birthday Claudia!
Thanks to Beth, for calling me a "dweep": I know I was doing the right thing. Oh and that sleepover was amazing :)
Thanks to Mareike and Suzie, for long Sunday runs, baking advices, sneaking away from way too drunk parties, for coming to hear me sing and our picnic.
NUAXC summer ball (it's the only pciture of the three of us)
Thanks to Frankie, I really enjoyed our runs together (Hadrian's wall wins) and our chats about Garmins, running and relationships.

Thanks to my friends back home, Chiara, Mariachiara, Erika, Benedetta, Mariaelena, Beatrice, Silvia, Giacomo, Mariaelena, Giulia, Giuli(etta),Francesco, Matteo, Davide for making me feel as if nothing had changed and for supporting me last year: I would not have made it without you.
The best of the best:)

OX 2012
Thanks to my flatmates Dave, Stef, Jess and Jack, it has been wonderful living with you, even with our arguments.

xmas lunch!
Thanks to Laura, Pritika, Meg, Ariana, Harry and Christina for the laughs in lectures.

Thanks to the whole group 11 (the best!!): Aaron, Madoc, Katherine, Clìodna, Rowan, Ben, Christina, Natal, Eisha, Alex, Jamal, Ned, Sophie, Robin, Rikki, Jessie and Jack, it was great working with you.

Group 11 fun :)
Thanks to the whole x-country team: I haven't been really commited but the few sessions before Easter really helped and I really enjoyed going away for races.

BUCS X-country-Leeds

Thanks to Leonid, for your ironic observation, your patience and your support.
It is a long list of people to/for whom I am grateful for, and it sounds a bit cheesy and dramatic but I feel deeply blessed for having met you all and had next to me over the past year. To those who are leaving I'd say "Keep in touch." and to those who are staying "Can't wait for next year!"
All these people, in different proportions helped me achieve the amazing results I had. First of all getting a Merit overall: being Italian I would have considered myself lucky to pass without a resit,Merit was really far away from my imagination! Then getting a scholarship for a summer research project: I really enjoyed my previous experience in research and I can't wait to start my own project!!
Finally, getting a PB in a half marathon: it isn't huge (a minute or so) but to me is a great achievement, as this winter between adverse weather and assignments I haven't been training properly at all.
Stramilano 2013.
On top of that, I have been really happy this year. Of course I had my dark moments, stressful times, fits of rage, but in hindsight I can say that this past nine months have probably been the happiest of my adult life so far and for the first time in my academic career I can honestly say I will be eager to start again next year, ready for another big bunch of adventures!!!

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