Monday, September 02, 2013

a day in theatre

ahem! I can be officially ashamed of myself as I wrote this draft over a month ago and forgot to post.

As a forgiveness-seeking gesture I included the classic cheesy pic of me in scrubs (oh I am such a first year clichè).'s the post.

This morning I was up very early to be at QE (Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead) by 8. As part of my internship I was invited to see an operation- which the consultant later labelled as an "everythingecctomy"- and I got to scrub in.

As I walked to the metro station I
a) realised that my grey flannel formals, altough being very smart (and they make my bum look good which is a bonus), were maybe a bit too warm for a hot summer day

b) was sooooo nervous I would faint: I had PB sandwich for breakfast and some coffee as I did not dare to put anything else in my tummy.

classic, cheesy locker room pic in scrubs
Luckily I didn't faint/throw up/ did anything stupid (well maybe the pic above), not even when I held the small bowel and blood started dripping down from the table. well, maybe that is a bit gruesome.

The feeling you get in theatre is very odd, especially during abdominal surgery: it is some kind of extraniation and you tend to push at the back of your mind the fact that the surgeon is operating on the lovely 80-something old lady you met just a couple of hours back. Probably because you don't see the face. Or more simply, because you have to compensate somehow.

Anyway...I survived, even if I was totally shattered afterwards!!
It is so draining, even just standing there for 5-6 hrs...not to mention the operating surgeons!

Today was really inpiring and thought-provoking about my future...I know it's early but I remember my teacher saying: " You need to think about thinking about it."

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