Thursday, September 12, 2013

20, end of adolescence..

feels so odd, being actually in my 20ies. the dreaded adolescence has finished, i am a teen no more and I know that at some point in my life i will miss my teenage years...but not now.

In the past weeks i have spent a lot of time with my mum and myself (I was way too tired to be social) and came to some important realisations:

1) the past is past. full stop. I wasn't happy in High School, and hardly enjoyed it. And it's ok, if I did I probably wouldn't have applied to Medicine in England and got where I am now. But still I was feeling upset at the whole environment of my school and I had a subterranean anger towards the majority of people who were part of it.(woof, I said it, can't believe.) Which is stupid. Past can hurt, true, but you can learn from it (and part of my unhappiness was caused by myself) i have decided to let go. High school is done and finished and it's time for a new chapter:)

2) It's time I sort what I like from what I don't. Often I do things just because I believe they would make others happy. Now I want to find what really makes me happy and start doing it more often. (Note to self: sometimes it's still ok to do something that makes the ones you love happy, even if you are not too's called compromise).

When in high school I wasted time trying to get what the majority of my classmates got instead than embracing what i enjoyed /made me feel good (with the exception of running). Now I really want to find out what I like.

3) Stretching and/or foam roller after training are good/needed/compulsory (whatever you want, yes even painful)...but really, I need to do it. When I arrived home this summer I had such a sore knee I could run barely 30 mins.  Now is more or less ok again...and it took only a sport massage!! This because my quads, harmstrings and bum muscles were so tight that they hindered the insertion of my IT band, causing the pain.
Thinking about it, I spent almost a year without doing proper stretching, which was a tradition in my old club here at home (well it was the gossip moment).

4) It's better to run at 6min/k than not run at all. This is pretty obvious right?

5) Core exercises won't kill you. I am really enjoying Freeletics and with the consent of Medicine I will try to keep it up (even though running will always be my true love, ha!)

oh, it's September and autumn has arrived in one night: the air is bright and crisp, and I love it!

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