Friday, September 06, 2013

back home

I am back at home blogging from my room. Well, have been for the past two weeks, which means that i am more than halfway through my "holiday". In 14 days I will get back to Newcastle to start my second year of Medicine.

This summer was exhausting. Amazing, yes, packed with incredible experiences and meeting with great personalities, nonetheless draining. When I got off the plane I was so emotionally drained I could barely imagine enjoying time with my family and friends and started questioning the truth of most of the relationships I have built in the past year. which is even more exhausting. As a result I spent the past days as sort of a hermit, reading books and blogs, researching some new songs ( I am desperate to renew my music library, suggestions anyone?) Oh and I went to the physio (my knee had suddenly opted out of marathon training) and worked out.

I have started the Freeletics program: it's a crazy, though German circuit program which you receive through emails. It's mental and painful but feels so so good afterwards. Plus, I can feel already an improvement in my running (every runner needs a strong core does he? ). You are supposed to snap a pic of you every 10 days to see any improvements...I will keep you posted!

I read a lot and this lifted my spirit massively. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel "44 Scotland Street" by Alexander McCall Smith. It's a classic example of Scottish humour: funny, light, sometimes almost paradoxical, scattered with thought-provoking insights into human nature. And crazily down to Earth. I have a pernicious tendence to drama; a novel such as "44 Scotland Street" is the perfect antidote to this and now I can smile on all the stresses I had in the past 3 months and look at the future year in a more positive way.
Such a good book! Can't wait to read the sequel!
on a completely separate note, it feels so good to be running painless again: training make my life much better!!! I am not a gym/swimming pool person and I love running outdoor: cut that out and I start feeling depressed almost instantly!
Yesterday, while out on a quiet evening run with my mama, I realised I am lucky and blessed: for air can go freely in and out of my lungs (which is not for everyone), for the mitochondria in my muscles produce the energy to make the fibres contract, for my bowel can process and absorb the food which is plentiful and good in my house, for my metabolism is working correctly, for my heart is strong and steady and sends blood packed with oxigen and other marvels to the aforementioned muscles and mitochondria.

here's some mitochondria!cute right? :)
oh and I love my new red lipstick from Kate Hudson: it's so creamy and bright and RED (i can be a proper make up fan if want)!

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