Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

First of all: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! I hope you have a very good day:)
I don't feel too bad posting a second Christmas-themed post: I love the festive atmosphere, Christmas music, sit around a single table with our whole family, laugh, share food. 

My family normally celebrates both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: yesterday we went at my auntie's with my grandparents:) it was a cheerful, lively evening, filled with laughter, smiles and excitement brought by my three younger cousins. They made me smile, remembering how I would get excited at Christmas:)

In the morning my mum and I went for a run (1h19, 13.74 km) in the woods around the house before we started cooking. I made mince pies, which turned out alright, maybe slightly misshaped:)

My sister made her amazing tiramisu:

We had a very nice time. Due to my exams in January I don't have a lot of time to visit my family in Milan over this break, which made last night even more special!

Today we woke up to pouring rain and strong gusts of wind: Christmas storm anyone? My mum resolved to abandon her Christmas jog because of the weather.
I may well be a big kid but i LOVE opening presents on Christmas morning.

 Not because I am spoilt or materialistic, but I can't wait to see my parents' and my sister's faces when they open their presents. This year was not disappointing: my sister received a pair of Canterbury tracksuit bottoms, which she was longing for and... an iPhone 5c. Her smile was such a sweet sight, really:)

sleepy but happy:)
I got a new camera!! a very cool one, which I can't wait to try properly (I took some pics today at lunchtime but I still need to work everything out)! I really wanted one but couldn't resolve to invest my money in it, now this blog can have some lovely pictures:)
My parents also got me a book by Paula Radcliffe, which will be my January reading and inspiration for New Year's running goals, while I got earrings and a necklace made of Murano glass from my sister:
My mum loved her reindeer onesie (yay) and dad was pleased with his CDs-he drives a lot so he can do with some music to keep him company.

A bit groggy with sleep we delved into prepping lunch because my grandparents were coming to spend the day with us.
 Mascarpone cream (for the panettone) in the making

dad trying to fix the laptop: standard when electronic gadgets are involved!

Lunch was so so good! We had some starters, like mushrooms, olives, culatello and roasted peppers with anchovies, then a veal joint roasted in almond and milk with potatoes. As a dessert, panettone with mascarpone cream, chocolates and fruit, with some moscato (sweet white wine, one of my faves).

 we took some casual selfies's easy with my camera and I wanted to show off my xmas jumper!

I had such a nice couple of days: I feel so grateful for having a healthy and happy family who lives nearby and with whom we can celebrate Christmas. It makes everything more special!!

What did you do today? Who did you spend the day with? How do you normally spend Christmas day? Did you receive any nice presents? Tell me, I am curious:) 

Lots of love and merry Christmas:)

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