Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy 2014:)

Happy New Year!!! I wish you all a happy, cheerful 2014:)

What have you been up to today? Were you sleeping away a great night of celebrations or were you preparing New Year's lunch with your family (it is a fairly widespread tradition)?
I went for a walk with my Mum and Dad up the Sacro Monte which is very close to where I live. It is a UNESCO site and in clear days as today the view is breathtaking: you can see as far as the Apennines (which are over 200k far), often over the fog of the plain.
I took loads of pictures with my new camera because I wanted to practice: it was such an awesome Christmas present and I feel so annoyed I can't "play" around with it as much as I would like because of revision!

Anyway, here's some shots from today:

 Visibility wasn't as good as on Sunday when we ran up this same very big hill/little mountain (you choose) and the Apennines literally seemed to rise from fog so thick it looked like water. I was disappointed I didn't run with my phone. I never do but often wish I did just to take pictures of the awesomeness I stumble upon only when I run. Have you ever notice that the most breathtaking, spectacular views are seen on runs? is it just me?

Done with the pretty pictures and idle questions. Let's talk about...2014 GOALS! (I bet you were not expecting it!)
This year I was really fed up with the classical goal layout of a slightly embellished to-do list mainly because I never manage to hit my main goals. I can't find my 2013 goals anywhere but I almost certain I can replicate them from memory. Oh and 2012. And 2011. So far back as 2010? Yes.
They were: stop biting nails, stop chewing on lips, stop peeling off skin from my fingers, stop stressing. And then some running/ academic achievements which varied from year to year.
I still bite my nails (occasionally), I stress a lot, I pick on my fingers an awful lot. This year I decided I would cut short the whole listing crap despite my love for lists. I went all crazy and made a goal scrapbook!
I got the idea when I found a pile of pages I had ripped from magazines  and mostly Ikea catalogues over the lazy afternoon of my adolescence. I was wondering what to do with them and "Eureka!"...the lamp bulb shone bright.

I feel these pictures will motivate me more than simple words because they portray a situation, a behaviour I want to achieve in 12 months time. What do they mean?
-keep calm...
-and go for a run (yes I want to keep running and training: I fell madly in love with it during the marathon)
-keep a tidy desk/room
-with my loved ones close
-try a veggie diet for a bit (a month, a year, a life?) or at least eat loads of fruit and veggies
-drink tea, coffee and share good food with good people
-read a lot: I have always loved reading with a fierce passion, since I learnt it myself when I was 5. Last year I read less than 10 books, which is unnatural for me.
-be more organised and punctual
So here's my list (I knew I couldn't escape it). There is no mention to biting nails or picking skin, because I simply decided to ignore it for this year, hoping that not thinking about it would do the trick. 

oh, and I have some pinteresting too:)

How about you? What are your 2014 goals?

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