Monday, January 20, 2014

Running goals!

I think I have touched the deep end of procrastination: I am writing yearly goals on Jan 18th.

In all honesty I didn't want to write them, because I don't want to turn my stress relief in a stress factor. I don't want to start chasing PBs or logging miles as my life depended on it.
However, looking at my training diary-I keep one for the sake of records, hardly ever take any conclusions out of it, except from the next one- I realised that the past 2 weeks my training routine was a bit erratic: last week I ran twice, for a total of 20km, while this week I ran 6 times for a total of 60 km.

It does average out as 4 weekly runs and a decent mileage but I am not too happy with it. I would like to see a bit of consistency in my training. Hence, I decided to write my running goals for 2014, hoping they would keep me on track.

-Run 1000km: I have no idea how many kilometres I ran last year, but given that I went through 2 pairs of shoes I think 1000 is a good rough estimate.
-Do some serious core exercise. I devised some workouts to do when running/ not running. You can find them here..
-Clock sub 1h40 in a half marathon: I have signed up for Sunderland Half in May, so fingers crossed.
-Run another marathon: no PB limits this time, just want to enjoy it again.
-Start running Parkrun under 23 minutes consistently.

Let's run 2014 together!!!:)

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