Tuesday, February 11, 2014

lucky monday :)

For the first time since my mole removal last Wednesday, I am all giddy, happy and excited!

I got a place in the Great North Run, the first and biggest HM in the world!!!!
I can't believe how lucky I am, I was not hoping at all for this! (Just for the record, I have never, ever, ever, won a raffle, a ballot, not even family bingo on Christmas Eve). I applied last year as well, did not get a place and listened to the excited reports of my friends who did it with a tip of jealousy...and now I get to run it, just 2 days before my birthday! My dad got a place too, so he will be coming up with my mum (who was unlucky and didn't get in) and I will get to see them for my birthday: I am beyond excitement:)

This email was such a mood lifter: I have been crabby and grumpy since Thursday, because I was not allowed to run until I was stitched up. Which is a bit rich, as I was meant to be out of the game for only a week and, in my 8 years of running, I had longer stop periods: when I was 16, I wasn't allowed to run for 6 months. 6 months! And I am making a fuss out of 7 days. I think this is because I am actually well:  I can't really feel my stitches any more, maybe just a little itch in the morning and my legs are craving the miles:)

So, with today, my 2014 planned races are:

Sunderland Half Marathon- May 4th
BUPA Great North Run- Sep 7th

I also want to run a marathon in autumn, but this needs some planning!

Which races are you looking forward to?

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