Wednesday, February 05, 2014

when running goes wrong.

No I am not injured thankfully!

However, today I went to my GP to remove a little mole which had turned a bit funny after my marathon training. By funny I mean it change colour and became all red. 

I first noticed it after one of my long runs: it sat in a discrete position just under my right breast minding its own business. But that Sunday my bra strap, which had become very stiff after the repeated washes, had caused a loot of chafing and it had also rubbed that little mole. At the beginning i wasn't too bothered, because a) I am used to chafing, I once chafed so bad i had to wear a skirt for a week and b) I thought that once i reduced mileage and changed bra, everything would have gone back to normal.

Unfortunately it didn't and I went to see the GP to have it checked. Apparently it isn't malignant but I wanted it removed. Because first of all it could become malignant, and it had already taken the first steps in changing its appearance. Secondly because it is in a position that may always rub under a bra strap. Third, because i want to be able to run care free. 

So here i am, mole out and freshly stitched up (got 3 stitches). I have been forbidden to run for a week, when my stitches are coming off. Which is kind of lame...I want to run already!! Also i didn't realise how much we move our chest wall normally: now that i have a thread restricting its movement in it, I can feel almost every twitch of my muscles...and that made me realise i can't really go too wild on cross training either. I can't do crunches or situps or twist..maybe i can hazard a plank tomorrow.

it's quite cool: you can see the ditch where the mole was!

I want to run!

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