Saturday, March 22, 2014

a song

Your way
(the lyrics and music are from Luciano Ligabue, one the most famous italian singers/songwriters; it is sung by Elisa, who is my favourite singer because of her pure, clean yet powerful and warm voice)

It will be difficult
To grow up before you do
You who will ask all those questions
I will pretend to know more;
it will be difficult
but as it is meant to be,
I will put my toys away
I will try to grow up.

It will be difficult to say sorry
for a world which is like it is;
I try something in my little everyday
but it is hard to change it;
It will be difficult 
to say "happy birthday",
every year
you go further away from me.

Your way
You will go
Your way
You will walk and fall, you'll stand
always your way.
Your way
You will see
Your way 
You will rock, jump, sing
always your way.

It will be difficult to look at you from behind
on the road you will undertake,
all the lights
all the prohibitions
and the lines you will avoid;
it will be difficult
while you slowly go away
to look by yourself
for the person you will become.

Your way...

It will be difficult
to leave you to the world
and keep a little piece for myself
and to be unable to protect you
in the middle of your carousel.
It will be difficult
but way too easy
while you turn around
and keep laughing.

Your way..

The other day my mum sent the link to this song to me and my sister. It is about seeing your children grow independent and go away from home, a situation that my parents know very well  as my sister and I are living away from home. Listening to it made my heart swell with an indefinite mix of happiness, homesickness, childhood memories and deep love for my mum and dad. I am deeply grateful for their efforts and hard work, which allow us to study abroad, and humbled by the graceful strength they showed us the world and bid us goodbye when we left: not once they have been less than supportive and encouraging, never they've cut the wings to our dreams even though, surely, it could have been so much easier for them to keep us close. 

So.. thank you mum, for taking us in beautiful places and encouraging us to follow our dreams, even when they sounded little more than fantasies. Thank you for being there for us, as you have always been, very early in the morning or late at night, listening to our worries and doubts at the other end of  a dodgy skype connection: every time I hang up I feel better. Thank you dad, for backing mum up, for being am example of hard work and determination, for transmitting us the love of the outdoors and discovery. Thank you for keeping me grounded when I start loosing direction because of stress. And thank you to both for all your love, support and courage, because it is one of the most precious gifts I have received in this life.

I love you.

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