Thursday, April 03, 2014

running progress and an update on the veggie experiment:)

oh hello:) how are you all? 
are you ready for #marathonmonth? April has three biggies lined up: Paris (April 7th), London (April 13th) and Boston (April 21st). Is any of you running/spectating one of these?:)

All of them are on  my bucket list of races and I can't wait to watch the clash of the titans in London: as an adoptive Briton I have a soft spot for Mo but I don't know if he can take down the East Africans.
Also, one of my friends from uni is running it, so... go Michelle, I will be cheering from afar:)

I am at the end of my vegetarian streak and I don't want to stop! I feel very good and light in spite of the scale and the body mass evaluation which gave roughly the same results as when I was 16. What is changed since then is that I dropped one jeans size and my running times. 
I have seen a massive improvement in my long run times, in which I am now clocking 5 mins/km as average pace: foe me this is amazing!! Also on Sunday, I ran the course around the lake which is roughly 28 km long and ran it 10 minutes faster than my PB of 2H32! 
The first time I ran this course vs Sunday's run: this is what I call progress!
I know that these improvements aren't due only to my nutrition: I also increase training load and intensity and going to running club regularly certainly helped (thank you Tyne Bridge Harriers!) but...I can't deny that not even during marathon training I saw such improvements on my average pace.
Now I am very confused on whether to stick to my plans and eat meat as I used to for the next month or keep being vegetarian, maybe eating meat or fish once or twice a week. 

What is your opinion?


  1. Thank you for the mention and support :D So looking forward to London!!
    It's interesting that you have found your pace has quickened with eating a vegetarian diet. I tend to eat mostly vegetarian with a couple of portions of fish a wek (usually salmon as it's meant to be one of the runner's "essential" foods and then something else) and have been doing this for quite a while now. Particularly since Christmas I have found my pace has improved massively!! Okay so varying my training runs throughout the week and training for the marathon may have helped with this but I certainly don't feel that not eating meat has had any disadvantages (although just be careful of your iron levels/anaemia).
    Hope you manage to decide what you want to do!! xx

    1. You are welcome Michelle:) How are you feeling?:) I am not an anaemicky person, and as I give blood I get it monitored 3 times a year:)

    2. Excited and scared!! haha! Looking forward to it though! :) xx